International Harvester Collectors Club

Scholarship Rules

Scholarships are available for Chapter 5 members and/or their descendants.

Deadline is March 31st each year. (NEW Deadline Date!)

  1. 1. Iowa Chapter #5 Scholarships:
    1. ​Schade Memorial Scholarship
    2. Leinenweaver Memorial Scholarship
    3. Heine Memorial Scholarship

​        2.  International Harvester Collectors Charitable Trust Scholarship

​             (NEW!! - Deadline September 15th)



Type Iowa Chapter #5 scholarships are intended for graduating High School Seniors, other full time students may also apply. Scholarship will be paid directly to the students and the educational institution.

 $3,000.00 in scholarship money is available. The number and amount of the scholarships to be determined by Scholarship committee after all applications are received. Deadline March 31st. No more than 6 scholarships and no less than $500.00 per scholarship.  One half paid each semester.

 Scholarship recipients must maintain 2.00 PT grade average and no less than 12 hrs per semester. If these requirements are not met scholarship money must be returned to Iowa Chapter #5.

 Second semester money will be paid after committee chairman receives first semester grade transcript. Second semester transcript to committee chairman after end of year.

             Scholarships are good at: 
                 4 year Colleges and Universities
                 Jr. Colleges
                 Community Colleges
                 Vocational Programs
                 Nurse Training

 To be eligible for a scholarship the student must be a Iowa Chapter #5 member or a direct descendant of a Iowa Chapter #5 member in good standing. Indicate members name and how they are related.  A typed of letter of application must be sent to the Scholarship Chairman by March 31st.


A. Name, home address, cell phone, home phone
B. Wallet size photo
C. S.A.T. score
D. Grade point, class size, and ranking
E. Activities and honors
F. High School Transcripts
G. Future plans and goals
H. Statement as to why the student wants a scholarship
I. Any other information the student wishes to include 

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a club meeting to receive their scholarship and to give brief comments about themselves and their plans.

Send To:
Linelle Eldred

Scholarship Chairman
1777 Hunter Ave.

​Newton, IA 50208

Contact Linelle at 641-521-0028 or for more information.

Congratulations -

Ashley Wessels

​National Scholarship for Chapter 5 Iowa